Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mahalakshmi Vadhina Dengave

How to start a web hosting business for as cheap as possible.How to do it all on your own without having a partner or employees.Getting your business licensed.Starting a hosting company even if you are hopeless when it comes to computers.Covers both free and paid hosting businesses,I have run both types.Keeping you and your business safe.How to attract customers.How to pick a market that is unsaturated.How to build a hosting site off a template or from scratch.All the important information you need to include on your website.How to tie everything together.Making your company seem bigger than it really is.How to accept credit cards through your website.Getting your company ready to accept customers in less than 2 weeks.SEO Bazooka is a powerful search engine ranking technique that you can use to dominate the rankings regardless of what niche you are in.


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