Monday, April 18, 2011

Rathi Devi Ranku Puranam

The oscillations seem most chaotic when viewed on the tick candle charts; mindlessly bouncing up & down, but even these tiniest of oscillations, though it may not be apparent while watching them, are still gravitating towards the oscillations of progressively larger oscillation/trends all the way up to the grand scheme of things as seen on the Monthly charts. Thus even the tiniest tick movement is contributing to the fulfillment of the big picture. A single tick movement might seem as insignificant as a tiny atom, but remember that your body is entirely comprised of a bunch of insignificant atoms, just as a single Monthly candle is comprised of countless insignificant ticks. On the molecular level things may appear purely chaotic, but there is an order to things as the cumulatively order themselves as they form a baby from a single cell into a full human being – just as tick movements build the full grown Monthly candles.


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