Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lanvanya Boothu Dommala Teacher

Domain name warehousing is the common practice of registrars obtaining control of domain names with the intent to hold or “warehouse” names for their use and/or profit. Also see domain name front running and domain tasting, related business practices employed by registrants.Typically this practice occurs after a domain name has expired and the previous owner has not exercised his/her right to renew that name within the allotted time frame. Domain's expiration date and time are easily calculated based on the expiration date in the whois and the redemption process.According to GNSO Council Deletes Task Force Report (2003), a council organized under the Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), three specific modes of warehousing were identified.The registrant allows the domain name to lapse, but registrar fails to delete the domain name during the grace period, resulting in a paid renewal to the registry. The registrar subsequently assumes registration of the domain name.The registrant purchases the domain name through fraud and the registrar assumes registration of the name to resell in order to minimize losses.The registrar registers the domain in its own name outright.


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